Communication to Catholic Laity after report of a Church identified a cluster of the Coronavirus cases

Communication to Catholic Laity after report of a Church identified a cluster of the Coronavirus cases
Dear Sisters and Brothers-in-Christ,

With the report that there is a new cluster comprising five coronavirus cases linked to a Christian Church, we should take greater precautions within our Catholic community.

To help allay the anxiety of our parishioners and the wider community we need to communicate responsibly and build the safety and confidence of our congregations following the guidelines the Archdiocese has put out in consultation with the Catholic Medical Guild (CMG).

Here are some key points you can share with your families, prayer groups and other ministries within your parish communities:

1) Our Catholic Medical Guild (CMG) is working closely with experts in infectious disease management to constantly update our precautionary measures in keeping with the development of the novel coronavirus (2019-CoV) situation.

2) All systems are as good as they are being adhered to, hence it is of vital importance for every individual to take responsibility for their own safety by maintaining good hygiene whilst practising Christian charity by doing the right things by their fellow churchgoers.

If you have a fever, respiratory symptoms, have a cough or a runny nose or unwell in any way – do not to participate in any church activities including weekday or Sunday Eucharist. You should see a doctor if necessary. The sick and the vulnerable are exempt from the Sunday obligation.
3) Avoid physical contact – follow the instructions of the church and appreciate those helping to keep us safe and healthy.

anyone in church ministry or who meet/greet/access many people at any time should avoid shaking hands during their duties. Have hand disinfectants made easily available.
should you join the queue for Holy Communion or for a blessing the Priest or Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion could say a prayer for you without any physical contact needed
4) Keep abreast of the latest CMG advisory on

5) Do not pre-judge or avoid people of a certain race or culture. Remember that the virus respects no boundaries or borders. Everyone is susceptible.

We will continue to update you as the situation develops.

Let us pray for everyone’s health; that this virus would be contained, have faith in God and ask for mercy that this virus will be dealt with effectively. Amen.

Issued by the Archbishop’s Communications Office (ArchComms)
11 February 2020